Meteorology Student of the Year

2023 Meteorology Student of the Year Angela Poulos with Prof. Steve Decker. Photo Credit: Rutgers SEBS

Starting in 2006, we have presented the Meteorology Student of the Year award to the graduating seniors who most strongly distinguish themselves in scholarship and service. The winners are:

  1. Angela N. Poulos
  2. Jeremy A. Lewan
  3. Sean J. Parker
  4. Ashley E. Cornish, Brian P. Frei, and Zackary J. Mages
  5. Nicole C. McGowan and Erin D. O'Neill
  6. Joseph J. Fogarty
  7. Tyler P. Janoski, Alyssa M. Stansfield, and Phillip Yeh
  8. Alexander Calamia and Ashley A. Van Name
  9. Tyler W. Case and Cody R. Hewitt
  10. James F. Danco and Rebecca L. Evrard
  11. John P. Cardinale and Neal Graham
  12. Jacob T. Carlin
  13. Alexander Harrison and Christina Speciale
  14. Antonio G. Riggi
  15. Ross E. Alter
  16. Taylor N. Hays and Mary C. Moore
  17. Paul Loikith
  18. David Porter and Ariana Shah