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Meteorology Student of the Year

Starting in 2006, we have presented the Meteorology Student of the Year award to the one or two graduating seniors who most strongly distinguish themselves in scholarship and service.  The winners are:

2006    David Porter and Ariana Shah

2007    Paul Loikith

2008    Taylor N. Hays and Mary C. Moore

2009    Ross E. Alter

2010    Antonio G. Riggi

2011    Christina Speciale and Alexander Harrison

2012    Jacob T. Carlin

2013    John P. Cardinale and Neal Graham

2014    James F. Danco and Rebecca L. Evrard

2015    Tyler W. Case and Cody R. Hewitt

2015 Meteorology Students of the Year Cody Hewitt and Tyler Case with Profs. Tony Broccoli and Alan Robock (photo by Matt Drews)