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WeatherWatcher Program, featured on the Rutgers Home Page:

WeatherWatcher is a program in which Meteorology Undergrads present forecasts twice a day on Rutgers Television.  The students serve both as producers of the shows and on-air presenters.  For more information:

Read about WeatherWatcher on the Rutgers home page.

Read about WeatherWatcher at Rutgers Focus.

Watch current forecast on Facebook.

WeatherWatcher Program home page.

WeatherWatcher was featured on the Rutgers Home Page.

WeatherWatcher was featured on the Weather Channel on February 20, 2008.

Want to live in the WeatherWatcher Living Learning Community?  Click here.

Want to participate in WeatherWatcher, either on camera or as a producer?  Click here.

Listen to WeatherWatcher at:           

Prepared by Alan Robock  - Last updated on September 30, 2013